Coding in primary education

Coding in primary education

I recently contributed to an article for Expat magazine on the topic of coding in primary education. I was asked a serious of questions about my approach.

1.What is your school’s approach to the teaching of technology at primary level?

We have an integrated approach at school, where technology is used to enhance all areas of our curriculum. Skills are taught through the rich context of other disciplines, this could range from producing digital media in Art lessons to learning how to research effectively online to further an enquiry. Students have a range of devices available to them and our teachers are planning for and utilizing its effective use across the primary school.

2. Should coding be an integral part of primary education? What are the benefits of teaching coding at this level? What are the challenges?

With the ever-increasing role that technology is playing in our society, we believe coding should be part of a primary education. Students should learn about the technology around them, how it works and how they make it work for them. Coding teaches problem-solving skills, critical thinking, and resilience. The skills learned while coding can be applied to other areas of the curriculum.

3. How do you encourage primary students to become interested in technology?

The use of technology plays an important role in the primary school. The teachers are motivated to use it effectively and are always keen to further their professional development in this area. They are always modeling an enthusiastic approach with our students, who posses a natural curiosity to get involved. In primary we also have student digital leaders who are ambassadors for the use of technology, this includes modeling how to be safe and responsible online users and teaching their peers tips and tricks.

The link to the full article can be found below



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